Why I Want To Be PHAT

Thank you for stumbling across my humble blog! So, you’re probably wondering what this obsession with being PHAT is all about, and why you should even waste your time reading or following my journey. The idea behind THE PHAT AMERICAN emerged from a desire to create an open space and community for me to document my journey from becoming fat (womp!) to becoming PHAT (werq!). I’ve been a yo-yo dieter since I can remember – truthfully- and I’m currently at a point in my life, having just turned 25, that I really want to get off the roller coaster and back on to solid ground. I’m ready to make SUSTAINABLE life choices that will result in better health, a happier disposition, and inevitably (thankfully), looser clothes.

I am by no means an expert in nutrition or fitness, and don’t claim to be. Instead, I’m just one relatable guy (hopefully) documenting the day to day struggles and successes of weight loss and healthing up (I just coined that phrase) in America. My vision for this blog is to post tons of updates and pictures of my day to day activities, whether it be what I’m eating, different exercises I’m dreading, or new products I’m trying, and my overall journey down this road.

It’s no fun doing it alone (!!), so I hope you enjoy what you read/see and become an active participant in this…adventure, shall we call it. Cheers to what’s to come!


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