WOW! So this is officially my first blog post! It’s 1-part amazing, 2-parts nerve-wracking. Do I really have enough to say to sustain an entire blog? I hope so!

I’ve decided that September 1st will be the day I begin this journey officially. Although I have been trying to make minor changes here and there, the big push will be at the beginning of September, seeing as that’s two days after my 25th birthday. I mean, you can’t expect me to start healthing up on/before my birthday can you? That’s just unheard of!

While I am enjoying these last few days of stuffing my face, albeit somewhat less than usual, I’m super excited to start really making changes. I’m tired of being overweight and constantly feeling self conscious about the way i look. I hate getting winded simply bending down to put on socks, or tie my shoes, or pick something up off of the ground. I especially hate the feeling of knowing I have the power to undo everything I’m unhappy with about myself, but constantly disregardย that power in favor of “one more bite.” I’m ready to make sustainable changes!

I should mention I’m going into this somewhat unprepared. Every other time I’ve yo-yo dieted, I’ve made a strict plan. I’ve either read the latest diet book, or visited, or have obsessed over the celebrity bodies I hope to emulate. I’m doing none of that this time. I really want this time around to feel natural. I want to eat what I want and when I want (to some extent), by just using the knowledge of nutrition I’ve gained over many years of crash dieting. I want to do everything I’ve done in the past, but wiser, and smarter, and flat-out better…in a less crash-diety kind of way.

I won’t pretend like I have all the answers, because I definitely don’t. A lot of what I will be sharing and posting will be related to what I discover along the way. I’m really looking forward to documenting this entire process for anyone who might be reading this, but even more so for my own encouragement.

This brings me to my next point: I purchased a camera! You (and I) clearly don’t want to read myself ramble on all day, so there needs to be some sort of visual stimulation to these posts. I’ve always loved photography, but have never taken the time to really learn the art of it (likely related to my scarring experience of losing my camera with all my pictures after my first trip to Europe…yeah…). I’ve only had it one day but am already looking forward to becoming a pro. I’ll try to take as many photos as possible, of anything and everything, from food, to fitness equipment, to whatever I see outside. I can’t promise it will look professional, but it will always be heartfelt!

Speaking of heartfelt, I’ve started by posting a couple of my first edited photos, which just so happens to be of my dog, Tucker. Get used to his face, as he’s like my baby and will be popping up a TON. Hopefully you won’t mind. Doesn’t he have such a cute face?

Till next time,


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